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Summer Meadow

FREE Audiobooks Available for your Summer Listening with four-credit subscription!

Did you purchase the 2014-2015 four-credit workshop subscription? If so, many* of the courses we offered over the past year are now available for you to experience for no additional charge, through Audiobook Download!  There is NO NEED TO REGISTER for summer school: the available classes have already been activated on the accounts of those students with workshops subscription packages! See the top-right corner of this page for a list of all the courses that are available to you... just click, download and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL WORKSHOP COURSE MATERIALS MUST BE DELETED FROM THE SITE ON JULY 31, 2015, so do not delay to take advantage of this special opportunity! 

If you did not purchase the four-credit workshop subscription this year, you may still register for these classes through our website at

* Please note that some workshops are not available for summer school, and Hope for the Future: the Path of Sacred Activism while not available as part of summer school can still be purchased through our website.

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